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The working principle of mine vibrating screen

Due to the two machine axis of the screen surface in the vertical direction of a dip in the vibration force and the gravity of the object under the combined action of the material on the screen surface to do jump movement, so as to achieve the role of screening and classification.

The main features of mining vibrating screen

1. Due to the strong vibration sieve boxes, reducing the material hole blocking phenomenon, the sieve has a high screening efficiency and productivity.

2. Simple structure, easy to remove the screen surface.

3. The mining vibrating screen adopts the cylinder type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and the partial block to adjust the amplitude, and is convenient to use and maintain.

4. Mining vibrating screen by spring steel woven wire screen or punching sieve, long service life, is not easily blocked.

This machine for woven wire mesh or square hole steel plate mesh, welded mesh, can also be used for other types of screen adventure user requirements. The screen body (vibration part) is supported by the spring on the lower seat frame, and the vibration isolation effect is good.

Application field of mining vibrating screen

This machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials and other industries of screening materials, particle size is generally less than 150mm.

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