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The specific role of steel row nails

1. The biggest advantage of gas row nail is the high efficiency, labor and effort, its efficiency is several times with the hammer operation. Another advantage is the process performance is good, so in the decoration and furniture production in a large number of row nails to obtain modeling results.
T-shaped objects made of 45 # mild steel. One end of a flat head, the other end of the sharp, staple diameter 2.2 ¢, glue from the glue together, mainly from the decorative fixed connection, can also be used to hang items, the use of ST64
Pneumatic guns used instead of steel nails with a hammer hit. Steel row nails carbon content of 0.4 ~ 2.8%, higher than the steel row nail hardness. ST-25, ST-32, ST-38, ST-45, ST-50, ST-57
The shape of the steel nails as if we used the staples, very significant in the decoration, because it is very high quality requirements. With the rapid development of real estate and decoration industry, the demand for steel row nails in the market increased year by year
, The development potential of steel row nails is very large, steel row nails need to be installed in the use of gas nail guns, mainly for engineering, leather, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, footwear and other industries.

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