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The introduction of aluminum magnesium alloy window

Aluminum Alloy window is composed of magnesium aluminum alloy wire woven. Also known as the "aluminum magnesium alloy window and aluminum window". Aluminum Alloy screens the main color is silver white, corrosion resistance, suitable for humid environment.

Aluminum Alloy screens after coating epoxy resin paint, can be applied into green, gray, yellow, blue and so on all kinds of color. So called "epoxy resin paint aluminum window".

Aluminum magnesium alloy wire netting material: aluminum - magnesium alloy wire

Screen features: aluminum magnesium alloy corrosion resistance

Aluminum magnesium alloy wire netting: 14 mesh and 16 mesh, 18 mesh, 18X14 mesh etc.

Wire diameter: 0.18-0.27mm

Width: 0.5m-1.52m

Aluminum magnesium alloy wire netting is widely used for windows and doors, corridors to prevent small insects disturb.

Specifications include: 14*14 mesh, 16*14 mesh, 16*16 mesh, 18*16 mesh, 18*14 mesh, wire diameter is usually BWG31 or BWG32.

Aluminum magnesium alloy window a variety of color, room temperature high temperature 120 do not fall off, do not fade, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, high strength, no rust. Widely used in home decoration, anti mosquito, building doors and windows, all kinds of high-grade screen y receive signal. Aluminum Alloy screens coated with epoxy resin paint is the high-end products, mainly sold to the United States, Europe and other regions.

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