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The difference between high speed anti-collision guardrail and highway guardrail

The high speed anti-collision guardrail is the primary method of the semi steel guardrail, which is a continuous structure which is connected with each other by a corrugated steel guard plate and supported by the main column. The surface treatment method is sophisticated, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti sun, high temperature resistance, low temperature, outdoor environment, the service life of up to 10-25 years.

It uses the deformation of soil base, column, beam to absorb bump energy and force the vehicle to change direction, and return to the normal direction of travel, avoid future vehicles rushed outside, in order to protect the vehicle and passengers lost cuts caused by accidents. Steel guardrail phase and soft, has the ability to absorb the energy of the strong collision, and has better vision induction function, can form a harmonious, beautiful appearance and the road line, can be used in small radius, simple replacement damage. Combined wave beam guardrail can be used in narrow central separation belt.

Highway guardrail is one of the most important transportation infrastructure, the development of China's highway from 80s, it has a major impact on the development of national economy and society. Is the main protection and safety equipment.

Highway guardrail: also known as highway fence, highway guardrail, highway guardrail, highway barrier gate, highway network bar, highway barrier gate was just changing the title of its essence remains the fence, there is no difference between what goods. The goods are beautiful after use, no deformation, convenient installation, and is an ideal metal fence, can be made into a permanent net wall, and can be used as a temporary barrier network use, only need to use the column fixed methods are not the same can end.

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