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The characteristics of aluminum magnesium alloy mesh

Aluminum magnesium alloy window containing magnesium aluminum alloy wire woven, also known as the "aluminum magnesium alloy window, aluminum window, Aluminum Alloy window color is silver, corrosion resistance, suitable for humid environment. Aluminum Alloy screens after coating epoxy resin paint, can be applied into green, gray, yellow, blue and so on all kinds of color, so called "epoxy resin paint aluminum window". Aluminum Alloy screens coated with epoxy resin paint is the high-end products, mainly sold to the United States, Europe and other regions.


1. The utility model has the advantages of anti mouse, high strength and high toughness, and can avoid a series of health problems caused by mice entering the house.

2. Mosquitoes and flies, in the basic use of anti ordinary mosquitoes and insects but also can prevent a moist place small wheat midge.

3. Fire, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, now the building fire safety facilities, but the general nylon screens can not fire, stainless steel screens can meet the basic demand of fire.

4. Air, light, surface color of the product is bright and beautiful, from the ordinary nylon screens can be better than the increase of air flow rate and the sun light. Stainless steel screens using plain weave weaving technology, has good air permeability, light transmission properties, is a replacement product of our country ordinary nylon screens at present, the product is high grade, wide use, is currently the preferred high-grade office buildings, doors and windows protection products for all kinds of buildings, residential and livestock farms and orchards.

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