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Polyurethane Sieve Mesh for Mining and Screening

Polyurethane screens, including modular polyurethane screens and modular polyurethane screening panels, tensioned polyurethane screens and many other polyurethane screening products, with applications in mining, sand and gravel, and aggregate-ore processing. We specializes in the production of wear-resistant screens, as well as engineering innovative and versatile fastening methods for modular and tensioned screening systems.

1. Sieve plate made by vertical and horizontal screen with high wear-resistant PU material, contained in article wire, lite than traditional metal mesh 3-10 times higher.
2. Unique structure, It is appropriate and flexible plastic, It can reduce the card blocking and at the same time the second harmonic vibration frequency. But also to reduce the second harmonic vibration frequency. The opening a high rate and high efficient.
3. Mesh with flexibility on both sides of the take up hook. The overall light weight, flexible easy to transport custody, to facilitate the installation of the demolition.
4. Screen can effectively absorb impact and reduce noise and improve the working environment.

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