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Introduction to wood screws

The screw is similar to the machine screw, but the screw on the screw is a special screw thread, which can be directly screwed into the wood components (or parts). Wood screws are used to fasten a metal (or non-metallic) part with a through hole with a wooden component. This connection is also removable connection.

Main categories of wood screws

A common type of wood screws with iron and copper, with different types of nail head with a round head type, flat type, elliptical head, nail head and a slotted screw and posidriv screw two. The general head screw is made by steel blue, polished flat screw, oval head screws are usually cadmium plating chromium. Commonly used in the installation of loose leaf, hook and other hardware accessories. Specifications to rod diameter and length of the nail head and decided to purchase to box as a unit.

Differential identification of wood screws

Wood screws and self tapping screws difference

Self tapping screw thread high hardness, wide spacing, thread depth, surface smooth, wood screws on the contrary. The other difference is more obvious, the wood screws have no thread. Screw thread is fine, sharp and soft. Tapping screw thread is thick, sharp and hard.

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