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How to correctly select wood screws

At present, in the construction of architecture, interior decoration, wood and wood products production installation etc.. Common fastening screws have self tapping screws, drywall screws, fine wood screws and traditional fiberboard screws and other products. The following are the characteristics of commonly used wood screws, we have to choose.

Self tapping screws: correct application of self tapping screw should be used for pre drilled metal fastening and connection. The utility model has the function of automatically tapping the internal thread on the metal body, and can be used to complete the screw thread engagement. However, due to its high thread bottom diameter for wood products, cut into the wood will be relatively shallow. And because of the smaller pitch of the thread, there is less wood structure between the two teeth. Therefore, the self tapping screws are used to install wooden pieces, especially loose wood, is not reliable and not safe.

Drywall screws: the correct use of the drywall screws is used for fastening and connecting between the metal keel and the gypsum board. Used in wooden mounting, it has defects similar to self tapping screw. Moreover, because of the large diameter of the head of the dry wall screw and the poor embedment of the head, the screw head and the mounting surface of the mounting head are not easy to be arranged.

Traditional wood screws: before the use of traditional wood screws, the need to install the wood on the pre drilling, otherwise it is easy to cause wood cracking. In addition, due to the traditional wood screws without heat treatment, the use of electric tools to twist the screw is easy to cause damage to the groove, and the use of human installation is difficult.

Fiber screw is a new type of wood screws, suitable for electric tool installation. But because of its relatively simple design thread, still can not effectively solve the problems in the use of easy cracking caused by hardwood, but also in the screwing speed and screwing torque also does not have any advantage.

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