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Hexagonal wire netting characteristics

Hexagonal wire netting is metal wire woven angular network (hexagonal) made of wire mesh, metal wire diameter is used according to the size of the tiles. If the metal wire galvanized metal layer is hexagonal, use the diameter of 0.3mm to 2.0mm metal wire, if metal wire coated PVC woven twisted mesh, then use outside diameter of 0.8mm to 2.6mm PVC (metal) line. A hexagonal screw, the edge of the box side wire line can be made into unilateral and bilateral, movable.

Hexagonal wire netting characteristics:

(1). Easy to use, only need to use cement walls, buildings can be tiled in mesh

(2). Simple construction, no special technology

(3). Has a strong ability to withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and adverse weather effects

(4). Can withstand a wide range of deformation, but still does not collapse. Fixed thermal insulation effect

(5). The excellent technical basis ensures the uniformity of the thickness of the coating and the corrosion resistance is stronger

(6). Save transportation costs: it can be reduced into a small volume, and involved in moisture-proof paper packaging, little space

(7). Heavy twisted mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, woven mats, the tensile strength of steel wire diameter not less than 38kg/m2, up to 2.0mm-3.2mm, usually by galvanized steel wire surface protection, galvanized protective layer thickness can be made according to customer requirements, the amount of zinc can reach 300g/m2.

(8). Plastic coated galvanized wire twisted mesh is wrapped in a layer of PVC protective layer on the surface of galvanized iron wire, and then woven into a variety of twisted flower. This layer of PVC protection layer will greatly increase the service life of the network, and through the selection of different colors, so that it can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment.

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