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Comparison of aluminum alloy screens and glass fiber screens

What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy screens: 1. Rugged, folding performance is relatively strong, under normal circumstances, the installation and normal use will not be broken and broken phenomenon, which can improve the service life to some extent; 2. The structure is relatively stable , Its own unique weaving and post-processing methods to make the product mesh without any sliding phenomenon, the overall screen does not appear thermal expansion and contraction; 3 mesh fine, small and dense mesh can be very small mosquito refused to the doors and windows In addition, the indoor lighting and breathability at the same time will not have any negative impact; 4 aluminum screen gauze health and environmental protection. The product uses water-based environmental protection slurry and fuel. 5. Non-toxic and tasteless; 5. Cheap, colorful and has a variety of colors, feel more crisp, gloss is relatively good.
Obviously, compared with glass fiber screens and plastic screens, aluminum alloy screens are almost perfect, it is durable than glass fiber screens, and beautiful and easy to match with the window frame, belong to the wild style, which determines Its vast market, unlike plastic screens, as only the less fashionable people will choose to fall into the use of anti-insect net screens. Aluminum alloy window screens, like fiberglass screens, are also suitable for pest control and ventilation of industrial and civil buildings but are not widely used in animal husbandry, horticultural agriculture and various anti-mosquito installations, as the cost of both Relative to plastic screens is still relatively high. However, it overcomes the traditional window screens (plastic screens), the sealing is not good and easy to aging, while taking up more space and other shortcomings, close to perfect, to become the first choice for high-end places, it can be said that aluminum alloy window screening is very suitable for modern high-end buildings, furniture Decoration, but there is a special use is for electronic devices to accept the signal.

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