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Build raised flower beds, benches and gabion fences – gabions in the garden

The gabion is a rectangular wire basket that is filled with small stones. If you attach more gabions and stack them together, you can build a gabion fence yourself. These stone baskets have many creative uses, including gabion walls, raised flower beds, benches and even as interior accents. Check out these 33 interesting ideas for gabions in the garden.

Building materials for gabion fences are easy to transport, easy to unload and build. Gabion stones are of different sizes and colors and can be easily adapted to your own style. There are even glass gabion stones, which are turquoise blue and create a beautiful contrast with the steel baskets. The gabion fence is constructed much faster than the usual stone wall. Wear safety glasses and gloves, if you're building the gabion fence yourself. This is hard work and you must be sure that you are physically in shape before you begin the project.

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