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Are there any differences between gabion and hexagonal networks

We are usually distinguished by material and manufacturing methods. Some people say that the cage is not the hexagonal network to do it? That you only said part of the right. There is a kind of gabion is indeed made by the hexagonal deep processing. Then I first come to introduce what is hexagonal, then introduce what kind of gabion.

Hexagonal wire is the use of high-quality wire (so the wire is because it is divided into many kinds, such as high carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire is wire, hot galvanized wire, cold galvanized wire, dipped silk, pvc wire Of the twist twist machine made of twisted machine. So it is commonly known as twist network. Hexagonal network as the name suggests is the mesh shape for the hexagonal screen. Is divided into: three screw hexagonal and five twist twist twist network. Hexagonal net can be processed into a gabion, or it can be used to control the hanging of the hillside. It is used to raise the fence of the chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and zoo, protection of machinery and equipment, expressway guardrail, sports net, Fence In short, the application of hexagonal wire is particularly extensive.

There are many kinds of gabion types, such as: hexagonal net deep processing into a box-like cage, used to hold the stone, which is a hexagonal cages. There is welded wire mesh deep processing into the welding gongs and gongs, hook flower network deep processing of the hook flowers from the cage. Cage net is the hexagonal net (chain link or welded wire mesh) in the production of box-like containers, filled with rocks and other cages can be used to protect and support the seawall, slopes, roads and bridges, reservoirs and other civil Engineering, is a good material for flood control and flood resistance.

Although the main material for processing gabion for the hexagonal, chain link fence and welded wire mesh, but the majority of hexagonal. So people often think that hexagonal and gabion is one thing. actually not. Hexagonal cages are just one of the deep-processing products of hexagonal nets. And hexagonal wire mesh is only one of the main materials.

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