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The difference between windows and Aluminum Alloy window

The plastic steel window has the advantages of beautiful and durable, and the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity. In terms of energy saving is much better than that of wooden window, window and Aluminum Alloy window, is the most effective means of sealing. Ordinary steel price moderate, economic and practical. High grade plastic window insulation resistance, aging resistance and appearance is not easy to deformation.

Disadvantages: plastic steel window seal, safety, security and air quality is not satisfactory. The reason is the lack of high quality plastic material hardware supporting the use, resulting in the current disharmony in high-grade low-grade hardware profiles, and the plastic (PVC) cannot be degraded, waste plastic steel window to handle, adverse environmental protection. The gap is easy to rust, sound insulation slightly worse, ordinary steel windows deformation, such as high-grade imported expensive thousand dollars per square meter.

Aluminum alloy window

1. Corrosion resistance, fire resistance, long service life (50 - 100 years), scrap can also be recycled, no pollution.

2. Rich color. Aluminum inside and outside the surface can be different colors, different patterns.

3. The high-grade Aluminum Alloy can not only heat insulation, cold insulation can also be.

4. Light weight, high strength, long service life, good fire performance, good lighting performance.

Aluminum alloy window defects

Aluminum alloy window is the use of precious metal materials, high thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, thermal insulation performance is poor, energy loss. The insulation is one of the basic requirements for the selection of window material.

Thermal insulation steel doors and windows

Mentioned insulation performance, Aluminum Alloy window from the basic technical parameters of materials, steel doors and windows, in addition to the main composition of steel core material is PVC, under the same conditions, the material heat resistance ability, PVC aluminum material is thousands of times. Steel doors and windows as long as it is up to the national standard of regular products, we can reach the ideal heat preservation effect.

Aluminum Alloy is relatively low, but in recent years there has been broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the color Aluminum Alloy is composed of two different sections through energy-saving insulation combination, its main role is to make the heat transfer channel is opened, to prevent rapid heat conduction.

Better insulation plastic steel doors and windows

Windows sound effects are better than Aluminum Alloy, according to information provided by the introduction, to achieve the same noise reduction requirements, installation of windows of buildings and roads in the distance must reach forty or fifty meters, and the installation of steel window can reach twenty meters.

But professionals have pointed out, Aluminum Alloy doors and windows in recent years also in constant innovation, the effect of noise is also rising, but relatively speaking, or better plastic windows.

Aluminum alloy door and window

For high-rise tenants, the ability to resist wind pressure must be considered when buying a window, because the higher the floor, the greater the wind. The tensile strength and elastic plastic materials are not Aluminum Alloy, but the quality of the plastic doors and windows should be no problem. But if the quality of steel doors and windows, internal liner and hardware are hard, it will make trouble for consumers. Therefore, it is recommended that the top tenants or the use of regular aluminum alloy doors and windows.

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