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Main features of wood screws

The advantage of the wood screw is that the consolidation ability is stronger than that of nail connection, and it is desirable to go and exchange.

This is a nail designed specifically for wood, into the wood, it will be very firmly embedded in which. If the wood is not corruption, is impossible to pull out, even if it will forcibly pull near the wood to take out. Also note, wood screws must use the screwdriver in, do not use a hammer in the surrounding wood damage.

Install wood screws tools screwdriver for handling tool shape with wood screws and slotted head groove and cross two; otherwise a special screwdriver in the loaded bow drill, suitable for loading and unloading of large wood screws, convenient use and labor saving.

Application range of wood screws

Very wide range of applications. Usually used in sheet metal, furniture, house decoration, wall, deck, engineering construction, hydraulic engineering, electronics, machinery and equipment industry etc..

Use of wood screws

Connecting and fastening wood products, widely used in home decoration, is the ideal equipment of wood-based panels and plastic parts, with sharp edge products, good hardness, easy to screw, a screw part, the screw is not easy to exit.

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